Types of stone

I carve a lot of different stones. While most of them are from New Zealand I also carve special stones from different countries. The earth is full of awesome materials.
You can read a brief introduction into the different stones I use on this page and click the read more button to explore.

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flower pounamu toki

Pounamu is the Māori word for nephrite jade found in New Zealand. Inside New Zealand it is also commonly called greenstone. Pounamu comes in a variety of colours but are commonly different shades of green. Read More

Jade (Nephrite)

siberian toki

Nephrite jade is found in a lot of countries. It is formed with different minerals so can be found in a lot of different colours ranging from black through blues and greens to white. Read More

Carnelian and Chalcedony

carnelian toki

Chalcedony is a form of silica which is found in a lot of countries including New Zealand. It has different varieties based on the colour and pattern. When chalcedony is yellow/orange it is called Carnelian. Read More


Carving-wise greywacke is noticeably softer than pounamu and has a nice consistent grain. I recommend it for people starting carving because of its availably and working properties. Read More


argillite pakohe toki


pekapeka toki

Jade (Jadeite)

blue jadeite