Welcome to my virtual workplace and gallery.

My name is Aaron Brown, I’m a small studio carver and sculptor living in Cambridge, New Zealand

I have a deep love for nature so my work naturally reflects this – birds, leaf forms, insects and nature inspired abstract patterns.

Along side my carving I’ve done a lot of work as a commercial sculptor making realistic animals, people and other forms for the model and hobby market.

You can see mirrors of this style in my bird and insect sculptures. I love the challenge of representational or realistic carving and the goal of capturing a small slice of the subjects personality in stone.

Along with my more realistic work I also enjoy taking a basic form like a toki/chisel or a leaf shape and working the shape again and again, trying to get it finer, cleaner and more pleasing to the eye.

Although I enjoy the whole natural world, flora and fauna from home is always special. When I carve species native to New Zealand I like to make a further connection by using stone from NZ – Pounamu, NZ Agate, Greywacke etc. Making native species out of native stone just fits.

I hope you enjoy looking through my work. I always love to hear from people if you feel like getting in touch.

You can see my sculpting page at www.aaronbrownsculpture.com

You can see a selection of my work at
Fingers Jewellery – Auckland Central
Pacific Gallery  –  Auckland Central
Royal Jewellery Studio – Kingsland, Auckland
Soul Gallery – Hamilton


carnelian owl