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My name is Aaron Brown, Iā€™m a carver living in Cambridge, New Zealand.
I have a deep love for nature so my Pounamu / greenstone carvings naturally reflect this ā€“ birds, leaf forms, insects and nature inspired abstract patterns.

Along side Pounamu / greenstone I also carve other stones from New Zealand like Carnelian and greywacke as well as Jades from different countries.

Commissions are welcome,



jadeite shark

My portfolio is a collection of my best carving work. I spend a lot of time developing my own designs and matching them to stones that suit them and carry the carving beyond just the design.

Carving Shop

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In my shop you can see pieces that are currently available. Most of the carvings are made out of Pounamu / Greenstone (what’s the difference?) but I also like to include other Jades and stones.


pounamu greenstone ruru

I welcome carving commissions. I see them as a collaboration between myself and my client.

Types of Stone

pounamu carnelian greywacke

This page shows examples of the different stones I carve. There is such a variety of colours and textures to choose from. They all give a different vibe to the finished piece.

The World of Jade

pounamu jade greenstone

The World of Jade is a separate site I’m developing to show off different jades and carving stones from all over the world. There is such an amazing variety. While the site is focused on Jade (including lots of types of Pounamu) I’m also adding other stones from New Zealand that are good for carving. Eventually I’d like each entry to have photos of the rough stone, slices and carvings.