pounamu ruru
Pounamu Ruru

My name is Aaron Brown, I’m an artist living in Cambridge, New Zealand.

I make personal, unique Pounamu / jade carvings that connect people and places. These are often developed through commissions but I also have a online shop filled with special carvings. The pieces I love to make are inspired by the natural world.

This site shows my carving work. You can also see my silver and gold jewellery at Aaron Brown Sculpture.


Latest in Shop


jadeite shark

My portfolio is a collection of my best carving work. I spend a lot of time developing my own designs and matching them to stones that suit them and carry the carving beyond just the design.


pounamu huia

I welcome carving commissions. I see them as a collaboration between myself and my client.

Pounamu, Jade or Greenstone?


Greenstone / Pounamu / Jade are often the same thing from different angles.

Pounamu is the Maori word for NZ Jade but Tangiwai (Bowenite – a translucent Serpentine) is also Pounamu. I would use Pounamu to describe New Zealand Jade or Tangiwai. What is the difference?

Can Pounamu only be gifted?

pounamu bat pekapeka

Can Pounamu only be gifted?  This is a reasonably common idea in NZ but I’m not sure how prevalent it is in practice.  I have only heard of it in regards to Pounamu. 

Types of Stone


This page shows examples of the different stones I carve. There is such a variety of colours and textures to choose from. They all give a different vibe to the finished piece.

Pounamu / Jade Rings


There is something special about pounamu rings. I think a circle is a balanced, soothing design element and when carved as a ring jade shows off both its colour and translucence. They look great worn and magical when held up to the sun.

The World of Jade

pounamu jade greenstone

The World of Jade is a separate site I’m developing to show off different jades and carving stones from all over the world. There is such an amazing variety. While the site is focused on Jade (including lots of types of Pounamu) I’m also adding other stones from New Zealand that are good for carving. Eventually I’d like each entry to have photos of the rough stone, slices and carvings.