Pounamu and Jade Rings

There is something special about pounamu rings, I think a circle is a balanced, soothing design element and when carved as a ring jade shows off both its colour and translucence. It looks great worn and magical when held up to the sun.

flower pounamu ring
Flower Pounamu ring

These are some photos of rings I’ve carved out of Pounamu and other Jades. You can scroll down for some questions I’m often asked.


What does a Pounamu ring cost?
Pounamu bands cost between $450NZ – $630 depending on the size.

What is the difference between Jade and Pounamu?
See this article.

What types of Pounamu do you have for rings?  
Rings need jade with a nice fine grain. I normally have a few different choices of pounamu and quite a few other jades from overseas to choose from.

How do I get my ring sized?
You can find your finger size by asking at a jewellers or by sending me a existing ring that fits well to copy.

How strong are Pounamu rings?
I believe if a few basic factors are looked after Jade rings are strong and good for daily wear –

(1) They are made out of Jade with a fine grain and with the grain oriented properly.
(2) The ring is designed for strength (not too thin)
(3) Sensible use. Jade is tough but has no flex in it like metal so doesn’t like impact. If you are doing manual labor like chopping wood or hammering I would take it off.

Can you carve me a ring in a particular shape or design?  Yes I can carve Jade rings in a variety of shapes and designs.  If you email me with your idea I can give you a quote and time frame.

Metal/Jade rings
Alongside my carving work I also make a line of silver/gold jewellery based on New Zealand’s wonderful wildlife. You can see this range here – Aaron Brown Sculpture

You can see FAQ regarding payment and shipping here.

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