Dark Pounamu Grooved Toki

$430 NZD

Dark Grooved Pounamu Toki

This is a design I’ve been making since I started carving. I love the way the cord merges with the carving, emphasizing the vertical lines.

This Pounamu has some beautiful cloud fractures going through it. It can look almost black in the shade and a deep green in sunlight.

The adjustable cord is 6 strand and was hand plaited by my son.

Material – Pounamu (NZ Jade)
Size –  67mm high
Hand plaited dark grey adjustable cord

Shipping is free within NZ / Australia and a flat $20 NZD worldwide.

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Dark Pounamu Grooved Toki

dark pounamu toki
Dark Pounamu Grooved Toki
$430 NZD