Pounamu carving – “Who are you working for?”

Sometimes asking myself this question really puts things in perspective for me.

A lot of mornings I come down to my carving studio. It’s dark and often cold and while I love Pounamu carving it’s hard to get motivated sometimes.

Who am I working for?.

I’m self employed and my work is self driven.  I can really carve/make what I like.  Sometimes this is great but when you are tired this view point keeps you doing nothing. It’s easy to just be accountable to myself and stay unmotivated.

Upon further thought, who I make pounamu carvings for is in stages.

Firstly on a base level I work for my wife and children. I need to provide for them and I’m accountable to them financially (this view normally gets me going!).

Secondly when I’m warmed up a bit I realise I’m working for the people that buy my work. I may meet them personally or the work may sell in a gallery and I’ll never know who has it. Either way they spend good money on my work, I’m accountable to them.

Thirdly when I’m into it and inspired I work for myself. I genuinely love this job and what it gives me personally.

It is good to put things in perspective/order,


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